Club Awesome Friday May 7, 2010


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1. Stouffer’s Lasagne- and cheesy garlic bread, my favorite quick dinnerish-dinner
2. Beach Boys Greatest hits, on full blast, 4 windows rolled down, all present singing at the top of our lungs on a Finally Friday
3. Window shopping at Big 5 with son on Sunday and honestly, not buying a thing!
/My own personal Julia Child at the School Wax Museum
4. Flamingo adventure in the dark with my kids: laughing in the rain together
5. Warm bed on a rainy/hailing/snowing night
6. “The world is conspiring in your favor” Cheryl Richardson
7. I am getting older, but my teeth don’t look as bad as Julia’s!


About anne

I am a single mother of 2 really great kids. I am a professional as well, and hope to tell you some funny, authentic, and encouraging stories on my blog to help encourage and empower other single or just crazily busy parents. But I need to warn you that this blog is where I work out (for myself) some crazy ideas from their bitter, salty, pretzeled-up shapes into hopefully some better-tasting pastries. Any busy parent can probably relate to them though... crazy times call for crazy friends sharing crazy stories so we can laugh rather than cry about the funny way things turn out!

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