Blind Date Brain Prep


Ok, tell me the steps to prepping for a blind date! I know the most important one is to have low expectations…

I have done, have dated my best friend’s brother, my daughter’s best friend’s father, my coworker, and a few others. I have done very little of the ‘set-up’ thing. I guess it is time.

I told the setter-upper to give me a week to prep before she gives him my number… that is probably too long. This blind man is tall and French. I am short and midwestern. By the time a week goes by, I will have analyzed a person to death that I have not even met yet. 

I should imitate my dog when he takes the loaf of bread on the counter: grab it, devour it, feel guilty for a minute if it wasn’t right, but then move on to the couch to sleep it off.


About anne

I am a single mother of 2 really great kids. I am a professional as well, and hope to tell you some funny, authentic, and encouraging stories on my blog to help encourage and empower other single or just crazily busy parents. But I need to warn you that this blog is where I work out (for myself) some crazy ideas from their bitter, salty, pretzeled-up shapes into hopefully some better-tasting pastries. Any busy parent can probably relate to them though... crazy times call for crazy friends sharing crazy stories so we can laugh rather than cry about the funny way things turn out!

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