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Football and the Turf Wars


Ouch. He woke me up at 2 am because his knees hurt so badly. Open wounds on both knees from the football field turf. Oozing big holes on my babys’ knees.

He still had the time of his life out there and can’t wait for more this Thursday night.  We will buy big bandaids and see if they hold.

Boys and sports- you gotta love it!


The perfect bookcase


I finally found the perfect bookcase room divider for my bedroom.  It is about 4 or 5 feet long, and the same tall. Is dark wood to match the rest of my furniture, and the perfect height and width to function as a room divider too. 

I am ready to buy it, except for that “food thing”. If we just didn’t have to eat, I could buy some kick-ass furniture at Ikea!

They have loft beds too that would be perfect for my kids rooms and so much fun too.  Can’t we just skip buying groceries this one month?!



I have no idea if this is being a gamer or not… I am trying really really really hard not to care if things develop with The Cute Guy. He works in my office, so there is a down side-if it doesn’t work out, I would still see him around Cubetown. The upside is, wow- work is so much more interesting these days!

He came to visit my office the other day, was very chatty, and stayed longer than necessary. I liked it. I cannot decide if I want to visit his… I don’t even know where it is, and that is a nice comfy feeling, kind of keeping the spastic Needy Girl at arm’s length. But am I also keeping him at arm’s length if I don’t reciprocate?

Despite my advanced age, I am really terrible at this dance bit… and tend to become impatient if I make moves and he is less than speedy about his steps (“ask me out on a date, damn it! I already have my outfit picked out!”).

So for now, I am NOT going to cruise the halls looking for him. I am going to share my sparkle with everyone in the office, not just The Cute Guy. And you know I am praying about it, and asking for God’s help and wisdom… we get to share everything, right?!

My Teenagers are Talking and I am in Agony


I really need to figure this out… Please send me tips. I have 2 very talkative, animated teenagers, who want to lay on my bed and chat away, and tell me everything they are wondering about, and ask permission for things that require long discussions. It would be positively lovely, and I would be in total heaven, if it didn’t put me in utter HELL.

I know listening to our teenagers is the most important parenting job at this time in their lives. My time with them in the house is dwindling down; I do, really do, want to know what is going on in their lives and want to ask the right questions of them. And they don’t talk much in the mornings, when my engines are totally fired up and turned onto high velocity.

Nope. Their little switch flips On about 18 minutes after mine has switched Off.

They seem to especially want to talk to me after 9 pm. They have a lot to say, and they can’t wait to tell me more. At 10:47 pm. I am cross-eyed with fatigue, I don’t know what they are talking about, and barely recognize their faces, much less comprehend what they are saying or have any rational answers.

It is the most horrible agony, to have a teenager ready and wanting to spill her soul to me, to tell me aobut his latest friendship turmoil, and I can only think “Oh my God, how do I get these people away from me?”

Last night, I fell to begging them “PLEASE, just go to bed. I cannot talk any longer to you.” He had been in the middle of a long explanation of why he needed to get his ears pierced today. It had to be TODAY. He had his earrings picked out, the place to do it, and all I had to do was agree (and cough up the funding). She was talking about her vision of new friendships in middle school, and how some girls did this, and others did that.

These are important topics. I could not care less. It was after 9 pm.

I can’t wait for school to start, I don’t care about their learning and growing there. I just want them to be as tired as me!

Update?! There really isn’t one…


I have not written much lately… My mind just kind of went foggy and gray when I would think it was time to write a blog entry.

Life has been good to me… I ran that fun race last weekend, went to a happy hour the night before with The Cute Guy in attendance, have been really in tune with my teenagers, and have been able to focus on work.

I am being patient with my love life… I usually remember that God has a great plan for me, something I could never drum up for myself, and I even cooked dinner the last 2 nights, in a row! (Don’t ask about tonight, I have no ideas or inspiration yet)

I am enjoying new an old friendships… with women mainly, but a man or two has also entered the scene.

I have 2 new necklaces that I like to plan outfits for work around. It actually helps me get to the office these days, to wear my new necklaces. I may be late, but boy, I look good!

Is my life getting complacent? Am I becoming thoroughly boring as a contented person with nothing to rant and rave about in my blogs?!? I honestly don’t know what to tell you today…

Running, Music, and Teamwork


I ran last weekend, in a race that was possibly the most fun I have had running, ever in my life. I absolutely loved all the competition, the demanding nature of it, the forced commradery, and the mountainous scenery. On all 4 of those levels, I was challenged and the trip came out all 5 stars, on all fronts.

Here is what we did:
1. Got 12 people together* for our team, of all abilities and enthusiasm for running (some were bikers, I gather).

2. Got 2 vans, and we lived as 2 6-somes for 36 straight hours (I was in an all-woman van, and yes, we got along fabulously- can you believe it?)

3. Ran 200 miles (over 2 mountain passes!) between the 12 of us. Very hard, tough runs. We each had 3 legs. They all varied. Mine were 4.3, 8.5, and 6.5 miles long.

4. Laughed, encouraged, ate crazy food, and napped (very little) and shared all of our gory digestive issues, together. Made memories.

It was amazing, I was part of a “gang”. We painted our van, heckled and cheered on other teams, took photos of each other, sang old Rod Stewart songs, shared long-distance running food techniques, and stomach aches. I made new friends whom I hope to do this again with.

I am hoping to turn this incredible experience into more good times, to be motivated to do more team-oriented/new friend making ordeals. It was really good! Life is good. No matter what we are doing, we can find the lighter side, the beautiful scenery, the long haul uphill, and most importantly, company we crave.

*I should mention that I joined this event in an effort to meet cute guys. God had a different plan… I ended up on a team with 2 maried men and 9 other women, all of whom seemed to be either amazon-tall cross-country runners, or seasoned marathoners. I didn’t meet any cute guys, but I shared an awesome time with really fun people. Sometimes we get what we need rather than what we want!