I have no idea if this is being a gamer or not… I am trying really really really hard not to care if things develop with The Cute Guy. He works in my office, so there is a down side-if it doesn’t work out, I would still see him around Cubetown. The upside is, wow- work is so much more interesting these days!

He came to visit my office the other day, was very chatty, and stayed longer than necessary. I liked it. I cannot decide if I want to visit his… I don’t even know where it is, and that is a nice comfy feeling, kind of keeping the spastic Needy Girl at arm’s length. But am I also keeping him at arm’s length if I don’t reciprocate?

Despite my advanced age, I am really terrible at this dance bit… and tend to become impatient if I make moves and he is less than speedy about his steps (“ask me out on a date, damn it! I already have my outfit picked out!”).

So for now, I am NOT going to cruise the halls looking for him. I am going to share my sparkle with everyone in the office, not just The Cute Guy. And you know I am praying about it, and asking for God’s help and wisdom… we get to share everything, right?!


About anne

I am a single mother of 2 really great kids. I am a professional as well, and hope to tell you some funny, authentic, and encouraging stories on my blog to help encourage and empower other single or just crazily busy parents. But I need to warn you that this blog is where I work out (for myself) some crazy ideas from their bitter, salty, pretzeled-up shapes into hopefully some better-tasting pastries. Any busy parent can probably relate to them though... crazy times call for crazy friends sharing crazy stories so we can laugh rather than cry about the funny way things turn out!

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  1. I go away for few days, come back and see that you find yourself a cute guy!!! 😀 you are right, work must be so much more interesting these days! And does getting ready for work take you a bit longer now? 🙂
    Can’t wait for more news about cute guy from work.

  2. Well, unfortunately, he went on vacation this week. So not much going on…besides the usual wondering “Am I interested? Do I have time? Yes, yes, but do I want to” conversations in my own head, haha. 🙂 I am looking forward to reading about your horseback riding trip!

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