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Focus on the Priority


“Contemplate the extent and stability of the heavens, and then at least cease to admire worthless things.”
— Boethius

I choose to interpret this to mean that we are being called to dig deeper, to focus on the really important things. We can put our selves to better use if we trust the extent and stability of the Heavens (our higher power, the Universe, God, or whatever you want to call it). And then, standing firmly on that trust, stop with the whining, the focus on materialistics, the focus on others, and get our own acts together.

Today’s worthless item we need to stop admiring/giving undue attention to:
Comparing ourselves to others. Our vision of what we SHOULD be doing, looking like, or having enough money to do is one of those worthless wastes of time. You know that. I know that. But sometimes we need reminders to stop whining and move on to the priority in your life now.

We are called to prioritize our attentions so that we can prioritize our actions. Thoughts lead to actions, and daily actions lead to habits. For me, that priority is to focus on the present person in the room. This morning it is my work–I need to stick with it and have trust that I can figure out the best action to take next with that difficult client. Last night it was the kid with a scratchy throat. Tonight the priority will be my boyfriend because I invited him to dinner, and that means share a meal, not turn him into the Chore Boy.

Sometimes the priority in the room is actually us, and we need to stop with the dishes and put our butts to bed so we can be mentally ready for the next day. Priorities are just choices for where we put our focus.


Maytags, Belly Flops and Breezes


ImageThe last week’s flooding and aftermath damage left many people reeling- trying to find center again while anxiety and chaos seems to swirl around. As a single parent you would think we would be used to chaos swirling around us; used to the feeling of being a sock in an otherwise empty washing machine on spin cycle.  But this is bigger.  And to make matters worse, I allowed myself to watch the news 4 days in a row this week.  I am feeling extra Maytagged this Monday afternoon. 

The general energy around us with natural disasters is hectic energy filled with fear, sadness, confusion, and turmoil.  It seems to free-float around, we are either swimming in it or it is a spare tire-sized mass that hits us in the head periodically.

The message I keep getting is to work at centering.  Find the center of ourselves, and just observe the energy swirling.  We cannot stop it.  But we can watch it from the edge rather than belly-flopping in to the middle of it.

Here is how I stay out of the belly flop mode:

  1.  Move slower, don’t push the To-Do list, getting more done before 7 am than most people do all day.
  2. Allow transition time between work, home, kids, friends, awake, asleep.
  3. Wear headphones if you are in the midst of people who insist on chaotic energy.
  4. Send prayers for healing.
  5. Remind, review, remember who you are to stay centered in who you are.
  6. Do that daily walk/run to ground yourself in routine.
  7. Gratitude as ever (the hopelessness of some situations might need an entire page of gratitude items, not just the daily 3-5).
  8. Lastly, Allow, allow, allow.  Don’t fight it, but observe that bubble of anxiety, chaos, etc. move twist, travel from your heart down your arm, to your head, and then eventually blow aside in the gentle breeze of knowing that chaos can swirl all around you, but you stay right here, as solid as ever.
  9. And then don’t forget the chocolate!


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