Three is my favorite number. When most people see a 3-legged table, they think something is missing. But it is a very stable configuration. I have found that over several years we have been at this gig, my kids and I are actually not missing out, but rather are able to take advantage of some pretty awesome opportunities (besides just eating cookies in my bed whenever we feel like it).

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BUT… whenever I start to think or act like a leg is missing, we seem to get wobbly… So this blog is to encourage us to see ourselves as complete families already, despite the “broken-family” messge we get from society.

My 2 really awesome teen/pre-teen kids are lovable and wonderfu to be around, but also occasionally strangleable (is that a word?).  They would say the same about wanting to strangle me, I am sure!  I am glad that they live with me 24/7.  I asked my daughter a year or so ago if she missed having a dad around. She said “No, it is like vegetarianism, if you don’t have it much, you don’t really miss it!” So voila, guilt gone about THAT.

Sometimes life moves at such a rapid pace that I am appalled I can keep standing up to the gale force winds of activites, appointments, places I am supposed to be, and people I am supposed to respond to. I work full time in a corporate Sciencey (another made-up word, to distract you from my poor punctuation skills) job that they actually want me to show up to in order to get paid-ugh.  I think you may feel the some of the same frustrations, whether you are a single parent or not. 

This blog thing is ideal for me, even if it is a little naked and vulnerable. I am compelled to share my hope, humor, encouragement, and enthusiasm for single parenting, depsite its challenges.  I feel blessed to be where I am in my life…  And I want to share with you my courage, strength, and hope in our parenting endeavors, whether you are single or not. 

God has a big part to play in my life too.  Without getting into the sordid details (yet), I will tell you that none of this, or me, or my kids would be anywhere with out God picking me up regularly, brushing me off, and sending me out again into the world.  So… I am incredibly thankful and do a lot of faith pieces– mainly to keep MY hope and trust alive that I can keep living one day at a time in God’s spectacular light. 

If I tell YOU about the blessings and our potential when we allow ourselves to trust in God’s care of us, I hope I can glean a little to remember myself.


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